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It was a wonderful beautiful good morning in Xenias smart home. The light bulbs were brightening, simulating dawn. The floor heating started warming, so she wouldn’t have cold feet when shuffling to the bathroom. The mirror downloaded the latest weather report. It was raining, so the wardrobe already selected her rain coat and umbrella for her and put them on display. Everything was ready. The home waited in anticipation.

At precisely 8 am, the alarm went off. It simulated singing birds, with the voices changing slowly over the seasons, as they would naturally, if there still were birds in the city.

Ten minutes later, Xenia still hadn’t gotten up. Typical Monday, the smart home thought, but it had seen worse Mondays at hundreds of other users.

Other users would quite quickly wake up and start running around as soon as they heard a beeping, paired with the message “you have 15 minutes to leave your house”. So the alarm started beeping instead of tweeting.
Other users then were quick to jump into the shower and swear at it because it took so long for the warm water to arrive, so the shower was running just a bit until its sensors detected the ideal temperature.
Other users often would leave grumpy without their coffee, so the coffee already started with its brewing process.

When it became time to leave, Xenia still hadn’t gotten up. Other users, after they’ve finally woken up, started to scramble to call their bosses and clients and apologized or attempted to re-schedule meetings, so the home apologized and re-scheduled meetings on Xenias behalf.

But Xenia was no other user. Xenia was dead. And the smart home did an excellent job to keep it a secret.

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