Leo Wattenberg’s Website thingy

Welcome to my site. Since my last server broke in spectacular ways, I switched things up. Which means that this website is kinda broken right now. But, good news: You still can read my texts just fine!

Things I wrote

Leo’s Inferno

Intro So, you know Dante’s Inferno? If not, it basically is the world’s first popular self-insert fan fiction: The Author, Dante, some guy from the 14th century, just really wants to tour hell with his literary hero and 1st century BC all-star poet Virgil. In hell, modeled after the totally christian vision of hell that… Continue reading Leo’s Inferno

The Midnight-Kalimba

The girl played Kalimba in her flat in the middle of the night. There wasn’t really a reason for her to do it right there and then, she just felt like playing. She didn’t think she was particularly good at it, but the instrument could create a calm and beautiful atmosphere in her hands. She… Continue reading The Midnight-Kalimba