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Welcome to my site. Since my last server broke in spectacular ways, I switched things up. Which means that this website is kinda broken right now. But, good news: You still can read my texts just fine!

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Ein Wort pro Jahr

Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Einschulung Hausaufgaben Suizidversuch Psychatrie Orientierungsstufenbeginn Hausaufgaben Dänemark Dänisch??? Überraschungstheaterauftritt Efterskole Gymnasium! Freundessuizid Abi Informatik… ???? Multimedienproduktion! Kurzfilm Corona

The EDE-model: Exploring, Developing and Established Creators

Moin. A while back, I posted a thing about “Why Grinding is bad for you” on r/youtubegaming, where I encouraged gaming creators to try different formats, instead of going for the first thing which comes to mind, which quite often is just a Let’s Play. To aid this discussion, I developed the EDE-model, which I… Continue reading The EDE-model: Exploring, Developing and Established Creators