The morning after

good morning
man last night was crazy

Oh? What happened?

so, i was with my coworkers partying
having just released musiGANy 3

That’s your AI music generator thingy, right?

and you know how it goes
the company pays for all of the drinks
so I’m gonna use all of the drinks

Of course.

and well
first we just went to the pub to get us glowing up
not sure john got the memo though
he downed like half a bottle of vodka

Oh dear.

anyway, once we were done there we went to
one of the clubs anyway
dont remember lol
and we had the idea to demo our app to the crowd

No crashes this time?

also no endless loops
all went fine
but then content id said we stole something?


so the dj told us to stop

But doesn’t your app generate music from scratch?

it does!
it should
we do train it on real music
but like
it clearly is fair use

If you say so. Anything else?

oh yeqajh
ive got tea to spill 😏
maria got absolutely railed by some guy

No way!!

and the best part
i got it on cam
here look
[image could not be loaded]
oh strange it doesnt let me sened
is she on the npl or somethign


no porn list or something
its bullshit
the ai identifies blond chick as the same thing

But Maria is a brunette?

as i said
its bullshit
anyw ill show you later
still got one more thing

Please tell me it doesn’t get worse than that.

sure does
we took the wayme home
and you know promenade road

Let me guess, it crashed into one of the many flower pots they have to slow traffic?

but not quite
however it did make john puke


and because he went
everyone joined in

Did you clean up?

i wanted to!
but the thing just slammed the door on us
before we could even attempt cleanup
i hope nobody had to take it after us

I just checked the reviews, looks like someone did:

Absolutely filthy. Sick everywhere, ceiling was written on with lipstick, and someone left their panties. I couldn’t request another vehicle instead of this pigs dye. Absolutely terrible, I’ll never order this again, even if it does come with random wallets.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
A wayme user

i dont remember the lipstick