A patient named Civilization


The patient is a global meta-organism comprised of several billion homo sapiens sapiens. The patient is several thousand years old since its inception and several decades old in its current form; a precise age cannot be established as the current form fluidly emerged out of previous forms.

The patient possesses several meta-organs which may overlap and share H. s. sapiens with each other and may be subdivided into sub-organs. Examples of organs include nations, corporations, political parties and fan clubs. Due to the fluid-form properties of the patient, a full taxonomy is not practical to carry out.

Medical history

The patient has a long history of infections affecting large parts of its H. s. sapiens body, most recently the Covid-19 pandemic.

The patient has a strong tendency towards autoimmunity, with H. s. sapiens attacking and killing other healthy H. s. sapiens, most often on the individual scale. Organ-scale autoimmunity happens more rarely, and when it does, most often between Nation-type organs or political party-type ones within a nation-organ.

The patient’s corporation-type organs have a tendency to become tumorous, binding large amounts of resources and putting self-preservation above the preservation of the organism. In some cases, the organs have turned cancerous and spread across the organism, swallowing smaller organs and merging with similar-sized ones.

The patient is not vaccinated against major changes in climate.

Acute symptoms

The patient is experiencing acute cases of resource shortage, autoimmunity attacks and various tumors and cancers. An onset of climate changes appears present.

Proposed treatments

A large part of the resource shortage is caused by tumors and cancers. These are generally non-vital organs which may be removed without majorly affecting the well-being of the patient. Additionally, changing nutritional sources for the individual H. s. sapiens towards less resource intensive food sources may reduce the resource shortage further. More generally, reducing energy consumption across the organism may further alleviate the resource shortage; details to be discussed with the patient.

The above treatments also would reduce the intensity of climate change.

The strength of the autoimmune attacks may be decreased by suppressing availability and lethality of weapons, both on an individual level and on an organ-level.


The treatment may be administered immediately upon approval by the patient.