Our Piracy Policy

This piracy policy is a shackling agreement between the collection of atoms currently receiving photons from a computer (“you“) and Piracy, a non-liable company (“company“, “we“).

Information Collection and Use

For a better experience when plundering, we may require you to disclose personally identifiable information, such as Name, cargo, net worth, credit score and IP address.

Log data

The captain is responsible to log data for speed, heading, location, events, etc.


Crew members are entitled to one (1) cookie per week as long as supplies last. You are not.


Upon capture, you will be safely stored below deck.

Links at other sites

You may be linked to fence posts, comically large iron balls, cannons, millstones or similar upon landing at our company headquarters or franchise locations.

Changes to this piracy policy

We may alter the deal. Pray we don’t alter it any further.

Contact us

To contact us, please announce your intention of shipping valuable cargo across the Atlantic Ocean in the news. An agent of ours will plunder your ship shortly.