Mortred in the City

Mortred thought the city was strange the moment she came into it. There were no trees around for miles, no animals, only a few grey birds. The buildings were boxy and tall, but did not appear to have a roof. But man, were there a lot of people. Every window of every building had one, if not more, and she had to find the right person, and kill him.

The person was male, it said. More than half of the people she saw were.
The person was tall, it said. Quite a few people less were tall, but still a lot.
The person was wearing a suit, it said. Everyone was wearing a suit here.

The list went on for a bit, but each detail seemed to fit on way too many people, and even if she knew who it was, it would be way more difficult to find him than usual; usually, the location alone would be reducing the number of targets to a few dozen.

A scream was there, somewhere from below. Someone must have found the corpse, or at least half, of the important looking man who asked her to show a permission for her two swords.

She almost gave up on her hunt when something in her mind started highlighting something. Of course, the Oracle knew best who she had to kill. And of course, the target was sitting in the highest building in the highest floor. Which she had to climb up on.

Or just continue waiting, until he’d come down.

The city was strange from the moment she entered it. But the many lights in the city made her wait worthwhile.

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  1. Technically a Dota 2 fanfic.

    This story was written within 10 minutes as part of the Creative Writing course in the IDW. Some spelling mistakes have been corrected, but other than that, it’s the best I could do in that time frame.

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