— Slowly, slowly! don’t rush me, the first thief said. He was currently working on decoding the lock to the safe.
— The shift of the next guard starts in 3 minutes. You’ll have to hurry if we want to do this!
— You telling me that there isn’t much time left isn’t gonna make it easier to crack this safe.
— Stop defending yourself! I just wanted to give you a time frame.
— I don’t care about the time frame, it’s not going to pick itself faster magically just because we have very little time left!
— Well, alright, then I’ll say nothing anymore.
— Good. Now let me continue.

The thief started focussing his attention towards the lock again. But he hadn’t really started again when his friend started bugging him again.

— Frank, there is…
— … not much time left, I know! Can’t you shut up about that for a god damned second?
— That’s not what I wanted to say, there is…
— … a guard coming, said the guard, who just came in.

1 thought on “Talkathief”

  1. The direct speech is written in Danish dialogue style. If it confuses you, here it is in comparison to the normal style:

    — Hello, said Dabchick, — have a nice day.
    “Hello”, said Dabchick, “have a nice day.”

    This story was written within 10 minutes as part of the Creative Writing course in the IDW. Some spelling mistakes have been corrected, but other than that, it’s the best I could do in that time frame.

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